NXT War Games/ Survivor Series 2017 Special Ft. Kyle Starks

Kyle Starks returns to talk wrestles! We predict NXT War Games in Houston as well as Survivor Series 2017. Some last minute changes did occur since we recorded, some of which we saw coming? Come for the expert opinions and stay for the Starks! This episode did have audio issues and was edited down to become coherent. All the predictions […]

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Capes and Scowls West Issue #14.0

Thor Ragnarock

Hello everyone! The coolest crew for news and reviews is back baby! And boy-howdy is this a news heavy week. There’s so much news that we didn’t even have time for our review at the end. And as will be regular for every show from here on out, you can watch the podcast live video here! Hope you enjoy!

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Capes and Scowls West issue #13.5

DC House of Horror

http://www.capesandscowlspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/CS-13.5.mp3 Hey there everyone, get ready for Capes and Scowls West issue #13.5! join us as we talk the best and worst comics in the past couple weeks! This is also our second ever live recorded podcast, so follow the link here and watch your favorite hosts in all their glory!

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