Capes & Scowls West Issue #17

Tide Pods, Don't Eat

Hello all our geeks, nerds and fanboys/girls of all ages! Your favorite comic podcast hosts Nat, Kat, and Pat are back for our seventeenth issue! We start off the issue with a couple public service announcements that we should not have to be mentioned, but in this crazy world we live in, apparently crazy (and stupid) things happen.

Aside from the unfortunate need for the first six minutes of this episode, join us as we go over all the best nerd news and some of the best reviews of the past few weeks!

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with our video camera, so this episode and the accompanying .5 episode do not have video companions. That might be for the best though since we are on a quest to up our video game though (as we know how bad quality our videos are currently)!

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