Capes & Scowls West Issue #20 – Accidental Diversity

Marvel Now!

Hey there loyal fans! Its your favorite podcast covering the news of geek/nerd culture and the finest in comic book reviews. We have a doozy of a show for you this week. There’s so many stunned reactions from Nat, Kat, and Pat on all topics ranging from the upcoming Avengers film, Steve Ditko staying in the game, DC’s big moves, and Marvel’s moves in general!

We start the show with a reaction to the new Avengers trailer that came out minutes before we started the recording, and we get into some earth shattering news as per usual. Our episode definitely takes a turn as the unexpected discussion topic comes up of Marvel Comics recent staffing changes. The torrent of people leaving and teams changing at Marvel got us talking about the publisher’s major moves in general, from their staffing to their events to their recent pushes for diversity.

So tune in to a great and stimulating episode!