Reviews (of comics) are in Baby! – Capes & Scowls West #23.5

Power Rangers!

Hey there everyone, you’re favorite Nerd podcast is back with what we believe is our 23rd reviews episode. We had some weird time warp stuff happen, so we’re not quite sure still which reality we’re in.

We’ve got a lot of really great reviews for you this week honestly. We crossover on most of our reads coincidentally, so there’s a good bit of in depth discussion that goes on. FOR WE HERE AT CAPES AND SCOWLS WEST ARE ONE MINE ONE- ahem. Excuse us, we must have gotten something stuck in our throat..

There’s a lot happening in high fantasy and other sub-genres of such. We talk for a minute bout the importance of showing versus telling in world-building of fantasy worlds, and what that means for comics as a forum going forward.

We hope that this week treats you as well in the comic world as it has treated us!