C&S 26.5 – Reviews are in But Nat is Temporarily out of Order


Hello, hello, hello! As our loyal listeners know, this in the 26th Reviews episode of our humble podcast. And as everyone else is going to find out, we’ve got some very opinioned thoughts on all the comics coming out that are worth reading. In all honesty, we’ve got a lot of comics to review. And we have as many opinions […]

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Batman and Catwoman, Who Cares? – C&S Issue #26

Batman and Catwoman

Hello nerd World and all who inhabit it!Capes & Scowls West is back with our 26th episode for you. As usual it’s chock full of banter, information, and this week, an unfortunately small amount of news. But for comics fans, we here at C&S West have a very important topic of discussion – the wedding of Batman and Catwoman! We’ve […]

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Reviews are in Baby! – C&S West Issue #25.5

Dark Prince Charming

Hey there loyal listeners, and, well, all listeners in general we’re back with a new reviews episode! We don’t have as many comic reviews as we normally do. But we do have some reviews of other kinds of books. Though most our reviews are positive, we do have a couple pretty scathing ones scattered throughout. Don’t worry however, it’s all […]

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“Cave Aged”, CAS Episode 108

    Tim, Cliff, and Olivia ramble on about Judge Dredd, Superman, bad music (subjectively) and cheese. Yup cheese.

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