Batman and Catwoman, Who Cares? – C&S Issue #26

Batman and Catwoman

Hello nerd World and all who inhabit it!Capes & Scowls West is back with our 26th episode for you. As usual it’s chock full of banter, information, and this week, an unfortunately small amount of news. But for comics fans, we here at C&S West have a very important topic of discussion – the wedding of Batman and Catwoman!

We’ve also got a very in depth discussion about comics scheduling and “events.” As comic book readers ourselves, there is an issue with the way that, well, issues are presented. Are weekly comics too much? Are bi-weekly comics too much even? What about events or crossovers over multiple comic series? There’s so much content to keep up with, therefore we end up falling behind.

Bat and Cat

Is all of this good? What is good? Sorry, sorry. I’m getting carried away, as normally seems to happen. But whatever the conclusion, we do hit on many worthwhile talking points.

So as always, listen in with gasps, laugh, and head-scratchers to the latest exciting episode of Capes & Scowls West!

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