Denver Comic Con 2018 – C&S West #25

Denver Comic Con

Greetings world and all the life forms that inhabit it! The universe’s finest podcast about Earth nerd culture (that we know of) is back. We’ve made it all the way to 25 episodes, and we’re not stopping anytime soon baby! And it’s Comic Con season baby therefore we’re going to be talking a lot for the forseeable future about that news.

For our quarter-century extravaganza, we have some special topics to talk about. Denver Comic Con recently happened, and hosts Kat and Pat went down for some fun. Even Nat has a great Con story considering he wasn’t able to attend this year because he was unfortunately busy. We had some great chats with authors, artists, actors, and creators in attendance. Listen in as we regale you with astounding tales of amazement from the greatest of all nerd bastions – a convention.

We’ve got plenty of other stuff to talk about too because we always do! Plenty of news about upcoming events and news in nerd world. So listen in as we do it to it again!