Capes & Scowls West Issue #31 – The Superman Theory

Helloooo Earth! We here at Capes & Scowls West welcome every listener around the globe to this new and exciting episode of the best podcast on earth for nerd and geek culture. We’ve got so much new stuff for y’all this week it’s rediculous. We have new segments of our podcast that we are rolling out and then ironing out the kinks. And because we have our “Top of the Stack” segment that has been a breakout sucess. We also have an almost¬† milti-tiered discussion that begins with Henry Cavill and ends with the DC multiverse.

Aside from the new layout, it is certainly no coincidence that we talk extensively about Superman this week. Also the staffand creators surrounding him. There’s a bunch of rumors swiriling around Henry Cavill, but us three hosts are the real super-reporters on the subject. And you can bet we get down to the bottom of the story.¬†