“Seascraper Escaper”, CAS Episode 34

Cliff and Olivia join the usual suspects for a “Dogcast” and talk about whisky, sex at Ikea, and the ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure book! Rashid: @TooManyCheetos Lou: @HighCouncilRock Tim: @Mad_Dog_Tim

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“I Can Mimic That Fart”, CAS Episode 27

Cliff & Olivia return. Tim, Leander, and Rashid churn out another classic! We talk Halloween, super powers, and racism in a galaxy far far away. #SpiceWars Make sure you show us love on iTunes! Please and thank you!

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Fan Interaction 1

Fan Interaction is a new podcast that can happen at any time where one of our hosts takes CAS fans, sits down with them and talk about whatever they like! Featuring the lovely and talented Cliff, Olivia, Rich, Lisa, and Tom. http://www.capesandscowlspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/FanInteraction1.mp3

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