Capes & Scowls West 12/21 Reviews – Batman Damned #2, Goddess Mode #1, Klaus #1

Klaus and the Crying Snowman

Hello Everyone and welcome to another exciting reviews episode with Capes & Scowls West. And not only it it another exciting episode, but it’s our last regular episode of the year! Oh yeah, 2018 is winding down and 2019 is almost here. Regardless of the calendar dates, we still have an obligation to bring you the finest in nerd content. […]

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Capes & Scowls West Episode #35 – Satan!


Hello world and everyone listening! Your favorite podcast of everything nerdy/geeky is back after a bit of a hiatus (due to technical difficulties). Fear not! We’re still here and still pumping out the best content and conversations of any podcast ever (we assume). This week, weve cover a topic we never thought we would – Satan! ell, not about Satan, […]

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Capes & Scowls West Issue #13.0

Spooky Batman and Robin Everyone! here is out thirteenth episode, and coincidentially enough, it is also our Halloween episode! It’s basically just a regular episode, but we talk a lot about Halloween. So tune in as we talk comics, news, and the history and experiences of the spooky holiday! Also, this is our first episode that we filmed. We plan to do this […]

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“You Can Guess Urkel”, CAS Episode 45

Ryan Young joins Tim, Cliff and Olivia to talk Music, Civil War II, All-Star Batman and much more!

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