“Melty”, CAS Episode 107

Podcast Episode 107!¬† Tim, Cliff, and Olivia talk about Justice League getting a new #1, Indiana Jones 5, Incredibles 2, the Infinity War Trailer, and Batman’s upcoming wedding! Melty! Get back ta me!

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Capes and Scowls West issue #13.5

DC House of Horror

http://www.capesandscowlspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/CS-13.5.mp3 Hey there everyone, get ready for Capes and Scowls West issue #13.5! join us as we talk the best and worst comics in the past couple weeks! This is also our second ever live recorded podcast, so follow the link here and watch your favorite hosts in all their glory!

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Capes & Scowls West Issue #13.0

Spooky Batman and Robin

http://www.capesandscowlspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CS-13.0.mp3 Hey Everyone! here is out thirteenth episode, and coincidentially enough, it is also our Halloween episode! It’s basically just a regular episode, but we talk a lot about Halloween. So tune in as we talk comics, news, and the history and experiences of the spooky holiday! Also, this is our first episode that we filmed. We plan to do […]

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“You Can Guess Urkel”, CAS Episode 45

Ryan Young joins Tim, Cliff and Olivia to talk Music, Civil War II, All-Star Batman and much more!

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“#HashtagFingers”, CAS Episode 35

The comfort of the “Snoozecast” finds us in great spirit as we talk losing time to watch Daredevil, Batman V Superman critic reviews, Voltron, and that pesky Rebirth event at DC Comics.¬†Sponsored by The Comic Book Store, 30 N. Main St. Glassboro NJ! Tim is @Mad_Dog_Tim Rashid is @TooManyCheetos Lou is @HighCouncilRock CapesAndScowlsPodcast.com [email protected] We are on YouTube, iTunes, and […]

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“Ducks Fly Together”, CAS Episode 31

Ryan Young returns to talk Dead of Winter, Settlers of Catan, hockey and more! Plus news and the return of Leander’s Dating Corner! Yeah Doug!

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