“DB Cooper and The Tastycake Zeros”, CAS Episode 110 Part 1

DB Cooper, Brad Melter, Tom King, Shazam, and Motorcycles!!!!

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2018 Eisner Awards Special Minisode

Tim breaks down his picks for this years Eisner Awards that take place from SDCC in July! The CAS crew let you know the who and the why of the biggest awards show in comics. Enjoy!

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Scowlin’ Mad with Tim #9, Hit-Girl #2

  Scowlin’ Mad with Tim Review #9 Hit-Girl #2 , March 2018 Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz Colorist: Sunny Gho Lettering: Melina Mikulic Cover Artist: Amy Reeder, Dustin Nguyen Image Comics Rated Mature!   The new Hit-Girl series by creator Mark Millar and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz feels very different from previous Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl comics. The art is […]

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