“Max Unleashed!!”, CAS Episode 49

Max Returns!!!!!!!!

Max returns as my first choice this week (callback) as we talk Monsters, Deadpool, Snuka, and DC Rebirth. Also there is a surprise for Max!!

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“Kill Them All, Mr. Starks”, CAS Episode 48

We close out the year with a brand new episode!   We got Max, “Kill Them All”, and a fun retrospective look at the past year! Thank you for another fun year, we plan on many more to come!

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“Paranoia, Fear, Vagina”, CAS Episode 47

Lou, Lender, and Tim talk Kamandi, Steve Dillion, Cyborg Superman, The Vision and much much more. Enjoy it! http://www.patreon.com/CapesAndScowlsPodcast  

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“Small Pogs”, CAS Episode 33

Max from Poor Man’s Process returns as we talk Transformers, Small Pox, Cervix, and review a comic or two! Max can be found at www.SupraliminalFilms.com and @Supraliminalflm  

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