Friends With Scowls

CASNewLogoThe Following  people are near and dear friends of the podcast and when you are done listening to us check ’em out.  Unless you don’t want to.  We are cool either way.

Ryan Hates Movies

Comedian Ryan Young hates movies.  So naturally he goes to the movies and sees a bunch of them for your listening pleasure.  Ryan has no idea what these movies are about heading into them and sometimes even less when leaving them.  Always with a guest adventurer to the movie theater!


Shamoozal is the home of many great video game themed cartoons, articles, and opinions.  You have likely seen them on Youtube.  Features great original characters like Grey and Jacquo The Rabbit.

Supraliminal Films

Ever wonder how movies could be made better?  Think you could budget movies better?  Peel back the curtain as Supraliminal Films shows you how it is (and could be) done.  Also home to the hit webseries “Memoirs Of The Macbre”!


Team Ashen’s Youtube Page

Tim is a regular contributor to this page with New Comic Book Day reviews! It also feature hot chicks or something lame.


Studio Elaina Unger

Elaina Unger is a professional colorist who has worked on such projects as Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, The Six Swords, Archie and more! She also paints a mean picture.


Starfall Webcomic

Starfall is one of the best webcomics (or regular comic for that matter) in all of the galaxy. Read it!

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