Capes & Scowls West 2/15 Reviews – Wonder Twins, Young Justice, Daredevil

Wonder Twins

Hello World! Your favorite podcast is back with your favorite hosts to discuss our favorite things, namely comic books! This reviews isue is mostly about DC’s new Wonder Comics line as we review Young Justice#2 and Wonder Twins #1. We also delve into the dark world of Daredevil #1 (pun intended). Unfortunatley, We’re on a bit of a hiatus right […]

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“Welcome Back Doug”, CAS Episode 44

Leander and Olivia join Tim to chat about Lance Hendrickson, The Ray, Suicide Squad, The Arrowverse and much more. Dedicated to Superfan Doug because he rules! Olivia is @Swahililove Tim is @Mad_Dog_Tim We can be emailed at Thanks for listening!

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San Diego Comic Con 2016 Trailer Reactions

Cliff (@HyprHippo), Olivia (@Swahililove), Rich (@LvlHeadedLunacy), and Lisa (No Twitter but she is super awesome!) review the SDCC 2016 trailers and all they reveal.

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“No More Than One Crack”, CAS Episode 41

We talk comic sequels to known movie franchises and more!

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“Vanilla & Bleak”, CAS Episode 37

Larping, Cosplay, and the we say goodbye to comic legend Darwyn Cooke. Tim is @Mad_Dog_Tim Rashid is @TooManyCheetos   Special Thanks to Paul from Ashen Phoenix! Paul is @TeamAshen  

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