NXT War Games/ Survivor Series 2017 Special Ft. Kyle Starks

Kyle Starks returns to talk wrestles! We predict NXT War Games in Houston as well as Survivor Series 2017. Some last minute changes did occur since we recorded, some of which we saw coming? Come for the expert opinions and stay for the Starks! This episode did have audio issues and was edited down to become coherent. All the predictions […]

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“Hot 80’s DDP Yoga”, CAS Episode 104

It is a legacy renumbering event? Hot Yoga! 80’s Workout attire! Max! Aunt Martha? Strangers In Paradise! Thor! Puerto Rico!

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“Max Unleashed!!”, CAS Episode 49

Max Returns!!!!!!!!

Max returns as my first choice this week (callback) as we talk Monsters, Deadpool, Snuka, and DC Rebirth. Also there is a surprise for Max!!

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“Kill Them All, Mr. Starks”, CAS Episode 48

We close out the year with a brand new episode!   We got Max, “Kill Them All”, and a fun retrospective look at the past year! Thank you for another fun year, we plan on many more to come!

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“7 Years a Chloroform Slave”, CAS Episode 43

Max from Supraliminal Films stops by as we talk all sorts of nonsense. It’s good times!

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