“Half a Pound Of Weed” or “Selling Fedoras To Kids”, CAS Episode 50

Episode 50! Pretty cool (even if it’s more like episode 100 something)! Oh, and Lou is here!

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“Max Unleashed!!”, CAS Episode 49

Max Returns!!!!!!!!

Max returns as my first choice this week (callback) as we talk Monsters, Deadpool, Snuka, and DC Rebirth. Also there is a surprise for Max!!

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“7 Years a Chloroform Slave”, CAS Episode 43

Max from Supraliminal Films stops by as we talk all sorts of nonsense. It’s good times!

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“You Should Be Behind Glass”, CAS Episode 39

We talk Jupiter’s Legacy 2 a bunch as well as why Shuster should always be kept behind glass.

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“Foops And Mooklepuss (Part 2)”, CAS Episode 36

We split into 2 teams (Gold and Blue) to cover all the current comic book content! Featuring all the CAS Allstars…Ryan, Dan, Cliff, and Shuster! Yup all 4 of ’em!     Sponsored by Hackett’s Krispy Stix and The Comic Book Store!

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