Capes and Scowls West Issue #14.0

Thor Ragnarock

Hello everyone! The coolest crew for news and reviews is back baby! And boy-howdy is this a news heavy week. There’s so much news that we didn’t even have time for our review at the end. And as will be regular for every show from here on out, you can watch the podcast live video here! Hope you enjoy!

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“Dafoe Note”, CAS Episode 51

We talk SDCC2017, trailers, what comics are fun, and why is Saga so beloved anyways?

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“Welcome Back Doug”, CAS Episode 44

Leander and Olivia join Tim to chat about Lance Hendrickson, The Ray, Suicide Squad, The Arrowverse and much more. Dedicated to Superfan Doug because he rules! Olivia is @Swahililove Tim is @Mad_Dog_Tim We can be emailed at Thanks for listening!

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“7 Years a Chloroform Slave”, CAS Episode 43

Max from Supraliminal Films stops by as we talk all sorts of nonsense. It’s good times!

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