Capes & Scowls West 9/13 – Riddler, Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, Doomsday Clock

Harley and Ivy

Welcome everyone to a fantabulous reviews episode of C&S west! this week we’ve got the Riddler: Year of the Villan one shot, Harley Quinn & Posion Ivy #1, and Doomsday Clock #11. and these spectacular books have spectacular talent attached (naturally). Mark Russell and Scott Godlewski, Jody Houser and Adriana Melo, and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank  (respectively). Ad as […]

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Capes & Scowls West 2/1 Reviews – Heroes in Crisis, Young Justice, Naomi


Hello, hello, Hello! Oh hell Capes & Scowls fans, we’ve got a great reviews episode for you! This week we discuss “Young Justice” #1 and “Naomi” #1, both courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis. Along with those amazing debuts, we have our ‘Crisis Watch’ with “Heroes in Crisis” #5. All of these are great comics on their own, but we here […]

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“Fifteen Second Hula Girl”, CAS Episode 111 Part 2


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“Fifteen Second Hula Girl”, CAS Episode 111 Part 1

Cliff, Olivia and Tim talk Avengers: Endgame, The Rocketeer, Batman Beyond, Masters Of The Universe, Thanos, Bill Nye and so much more! Part 1 of 2.  

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“Max Unleashed!!”, CAS Episode 49

Max Returns!!!!!!!!

Max returns as my first choice this week (callback) as we talk Monsters, Deadpool, Snuka, and DC Rebirth. Also there is a surprise for Max!!

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“Boatsword”, CAS Episode 38

Lou, Tim, Cliff, Olivia and Shuster talk UFC 200, DC Rebirth, and Captain America!

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