Interview: Colorist Elaina Unger

We interview Elaina Unger, Colorist currently working for Archie Comics on such books as Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog!


  • Katie

    I would love a Megan Man cartoon like this on Cartoon Network. We are huge Meg Man fans here. Great colors!
    Listening from Portland, OR

  • Paul Unger

    Thanks guys for having my daughter, Elaina Unger, as a guest on your podcast.I thought it was very well done with excellent interaction and chemistry between the three of you. Elaina was very excited to have the opportunity to do the podcast and although a bit nervous I personally think it went very well. Elaina has also been an outstanding athlete and scholar which she would not mention, however, she was a summa cum laude graduate from Rowan U and an athlete/academic all American at Gloucester County college in track and soccer. She is a very motivated young lady and in spite of my fears about her goig into the daunting world of professional art she has carved out a niche for herself and is very motivated. I think we can expect many more exciting projects sin the future from Elaina. Thanks again for your interest in Elaina and for the fine job in the podcast. Paul Unger (Dad) lol

  • Appreciate you sharing. My mom used to say “Everything you can imagine is real” 🙂

  • Very informative, thanks for sharing