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Review #1

Horizon #1 July 2016

Writer: Brandon Thomas

Artist: Juan Gedeon

Colors: Frank Martin

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Editor: Sean Mackiewicz


Horizon #1 takes the reader to the not too distant future in the midst
of a resource crisis and introduces us to the primary antagonist Zhia Malen. She was sent to earth but due to unmentioned circumstances her landing didn’t go well and her ship was marooned in a Canadian Lake. Before embarking on this mission she was implanted with a miniature computer in her head that became damaged in the crash which leads to her having spotty memory and limited ability to communicate with her people. It’s up to her to reassemble her communication device, locate her team and get back on mission.

It’s kind of hard to go too in depth with this review as not much really
happened. The bulk of the story was poorly pieced together text blocks and bits of exposition frustratingly doled out by televisions and mobile devices. It always feels like I missed a page of information.

The art was actually one of the best parts of this book. It was decent
but not polished which would have been fine if it felt stylistic instead of rushed. After scanning though Gedeon’s art on his twitter account it’s kind of a shame since he really seems like a talented artist, this could be an issue with the colors or inking but who’s to know. I’m of a mindset that the first issue of a comic book should establish a character to latch on to as the reader and slowly discover the world around them. They gave us a character to care about, barely, and in the final panels they flip the script and make them completely impossible to relate to. I’d have to say pass on this book for now and wait for a trade and hope the story get past this beginning rough patch.

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