Scowlin’ Mad with Tim



Scowlin’ Mad with Tim

Review #3
Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 June 2017
Writer: Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner
Artist: Mike Spicer, Nil Vendrell
Cover: Andrew Robinson
Image Comics


I have wanted to talk about newer issues (this one being two weeks old already), but I find myself still raving about this comic.  It is a fun ride in the vein of similar comics Amerikarate and Rock Candy Mountain. The Shirtless Bear Fighter is a man who lives in the woods. While once accepted by the bear community, he turns on them after a yet to be explained tragedy. Now he lives for flapjacks and fightin! The book (if you could’nt guess from the title) is silly. It is meant to be fun. The style in which it is written creates hilarity on every page. Turning pages to discover a well placed gag had me in stitches. We haven’t even gotten to the Pig Warlock yet…I am pumped! I usually read all types of stories…sci-fi, horror, political, social….but as of late all I want to do is laugh. Shirtless Bear Fighter delivers. The book is planned to be five issues, but lets she if we can get it to go further. The creators and Image will thank you!

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