Dark Ark #1, Scowlin’ Mad With Tim #7

Scowlin’ Mad with Tim

Review #7

Dark Ark #1 ,September 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Juan Doe

Letterer: Ryane Hill

Regular Cover Artist: Juan Doe

Rating 17+

Aftershock Comics


Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Juan Doe have created a dark storyline of biblical proportions with September’s Dark Ark #1, a new series from Aftershock Comics! Aftershock is slowly becoming the comics company to watch and it is due to creative titles like Dark Ark. The classic tale of Noah and the flood is spun into something more sinister as a sorcerer is tasked with a quest from the lord of darkness himself…build another ark and save all the demons and monsters that God plans to annihilate! The story is solid throughout as Bunn works hard to tell a tale that is not inherently sacrilege but flows parallel to well established lore. The monsters as well as the sorcerer’s family create unique interactions that pleased me enough to want more. The visuals of Juan Doe (who also did American Monster) are perfect for the variety of mythical creatures stowed below deck. Whether it be a vampire or a unicorn the art sure is pretty. I am looking forward to seeing how Juan’s career skyrockets after working with superstars in the industry like Bunn. Again, Aftershock is the company to keep an eye on for titles that are darker, different and wholly unique. Dark Ark #1 is on sale September 2017!

Cullen Bunn is on Twitter @CullenBunn and Juan Doe is @JuanDoe! Tell them you are excited about Dark Ark!