Vampironica #1, Scowlin’ Mad With Tim # 8

Scowlin’ Mad with Tim

Review #8

Vampironica #1 , March 2018

Writer: Greg Smallwood, Meg Smallwood

Artist: Greg Smallwood

Regular Cover Artist: Greg Smallwood

Rating Teen +

Archie Comics

Vampironica is the newest addition to the Archie Comics horror line. Veronica Lodge is one of the last main characters to explore inside Riverdale’s horror alt-universe, and she shouldn’t disappoint. The Smallwoods embrace the vampire genre giving the title a Buffy feel while maintaining that classic Archie charm. It is worth noting that even though the name makes many comic readers think Vampirella this issue does not go as far towards “sex sells”. Veronica’s origin relating to her supernatural powers is revealed by the issues end and leaves enough mystery to keep you wanting more. Greg’s art conveys a dark tone without being overly gruesome. I am interested to see where this title goes. My favorite character of the Archie horror line is Jughead as a werewolf so only time can tell if a vampire Veronica can dethrone the king (get it…he wears a crown shaped hat….I’m sorry.). Give the book a try because every alternate reality Archie title is exciting and cool.

Greg Smallwood is on Twitter @SavageSmallwood. Meg I don’t believe is on Twitter but tweet at Greg and tell him how awesome she is! Support ’em!