Capes & Scowls West Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

Hey there loyal fan(s)! We’re coming at you with a quick(ish) take on Jessica Jones Season 2. We all at Capes & Scowls West (Nat, Kat and Pat) watched the new season of the gritty, neo-noir private eye series.

We’re coning at this season from a couple different angles and levels. Some of us loved it, some of us didn’t love it as much. But in general, we’ve got pretty positive things to say about it.

Oh yeah, and spoiler alert ahead if you haven’t watched the season yet. There are so many subplots going on in this season, and we do our best to cover them all. We talk extensively about Jessica’s mom, Malcolm, Jeri, and Patsy Walker to name a few.

Our main homies over at Capes & Scowls (not West) also did a review of this season last week, so we try not to overlap too much with them, but we’ve got to give a shout out to them nonetheless.

So stay tuned, strap in, and listen up as we try to ride the wave that is Jessica Jones!