Capes & Scowls #22 – Talks Action Comics #1000

Hey there loyal fans! We’ve got a big landmark issue for us. Well, not for us, per-se, but then again, every issue we do is a landmark issue, so take that as you will. But we are specifically talking about Action Comics Issue #1000. And We are talking about it in bot a literal and figurative sense. Talking about it in reference to the joke earlier and also literally talking about it in this issue.

You know what?! I’m not going to sit here and explain the joke. You should just listen to the episode. I know ya’ll are smart enough to get the reference, and I won’t insult your intelligence.

But not only do we talk about Action Comics #100, we also hit you with our brand of nerd news. We’ve got a lot of shocking news for you too this week. Shocking both in its content and our take on it. but don’t take my word for it. listen in and be amazed!