Hey there Everyone! You have a good day so far? We over here at Capes & Scowls West had a pretty rough morning, but we certainly had a good night last night..

Since as you all know, we just had our 21st episode, and in celebration of our age, we decided to get drunk! Coincidentally it was our host Nat’s actual birthday, so we had two reasons to celebrate! So what do we do when we drink, we argue with each other.

Since we had the March Madness of Basketball pass, we too did a bracket of our own. We took our favorite and most powerful superheroes from all TV, comics and etc. and had them all battle it out. We have an intense, and slightly slurred, debate over who wins. And there were some surprises, since we take everything into consideration. No spoilers here, but the winner was a bit of a surprise to all of us. Tune in!