Scowlin’ Mad with Tim #10, Zero Jumper #1




Scowlin’ Mad with Tim

Review #10

Zero Jumper #1, April 2018

Writer: Patrick Mulholland

Artist: Patrick Mulholland

Alterna Comics


Zero Jumper is a four issue limited series from Alterna Comics. Patrick Mulholland tells a unique story as both writer and artist, which tend to be my favorite comics. The perfection of a creative person’s vision can’t be topped by those pulling double duty. We follow a young boy named Juno who has the ability to jump through portals and execute small instances of time travel. This ability makes for fun action scenes as Juno is surprised by alien inhabitants that are less than thrilled to see him. His ultimate goal is to retrieve rare crystals to execute a large jump further back in time to right a wrong that is hinted at by the issues end. I enjoy the Alterna Comics format of keeping costs down with newsprint style paper and shorter issues for $1.50.  I recommend not only this title but suggest if you are after a little variety you try a few Alterna titles. I have read many and for my personal taste have never been angry that I did. Quite the opposite actually.

Patrick Mulholland can be found on Twitter @PatGMulholland and Alterna Comics can be found @AlternaComics.