So Many Movies – C&S West Issue #24

Spider Man

Hello, Hello one and all! We know it’s been a couple weeks since our last episode, but we here at Capes & Scowls West have been out of town, taking a couple weeks of summer vacation.

Sure enough, after we’ve taken our two weeks, pretty much every single movie trailer for films we’re excited about dropped in the week leading up to this episode. We have seven, SEVEN, movie trailers to talk about in this episode.

Aside from that, we’ve got the hottest takes on the freshest tidbits from this week in Geek Culture. Understandably it is a bit sparse, because we’re leading up to E3 and Denver Comic Con. So don’t worry, we’ll have plenty to say about all the cons coming up!

We’ve got all the news we’ve got coming up for you. And all the stuff we’ve got for you this week is still SUPER INTENSE! There are never any down weeks for Capes & Scowls West!