Capes & Scowls West Issue #32 – Batman Damned

Batman Damned

Hello Earth! Your favorite podcast in the universe about Earth comics is back with another exciting episode! I mean every episode is always more exciting than the last which is pretty cool because we started at a pretty high bar. This week though, we’ve got a lot to talk about concerning “Batman Damned.” The controversy just has to be adressed. But also the book must be discussed!

We’re certain that at this point everyone has heard of the newest *cough* member *cough* of the Bat Family. So we here at C&S West try to break down what the actual controversy is about. However our deep investigation goes further than this surface stuff. We just have to talk about all the artistic merits of the book. Even with the multifaceted conversation about “Batman Damned”, there’s still so much news to talk about.

So as always, we can only hope you tune into another exciting episode of Capes $ Scowls West!