Hey Gang!


Hey Gang, Tim here!  I thought I would take the time to say thank you for listening to the podcast! In wake of recent events our full schedule might get a little wonky. Is it because of Corona virus? Kinda. Schools are going to be out making the usual times for content creation different. Rather than fall behind and say nothing I figured we could just have a dialogue about it. Seeing as I put up a large chunk of our content I may fall a little behind. In that event, hang tight. We here at Capes and Scowls will do our best to catch up eventually.


Also, thank you to everyone who listened to my interview with Eric’s Journey. It is an important listen especially in the wake of Corona and weakened immune systems. If you haven’t listened to this interview I am going to repost it below. It is rare I repost anything, but this is important and gets information out about a good cause. Thanks guys! If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected] or my twitter @Mad_Dog_Tim.



Tim sat down with Eric and Amanda Majusiak to talk about Eric’s diagnosis with HLH, the start of Ericsjourney.org , and comfort through miniature painting. If you know anyone going through HLH treatment this is a must listen podcast!
If you would like more information on Eric’s Journey please head to http://www.ericsjourney.org/
Thank you to Mage Works Studios for hosting the interview. Feel free to contact Jay at [email protected] to book your own studio time!