WrestleMania 37 Night 1 Match Pick Interview with Cliff : Part 1

WrestleMania 37 Night 1 Match Pick Interview with Cliff : Part 1

In continuation of wrestleweek, I talk with Cliff again and we talk about our picks for who will win each match at WrestleMania this year. WrestleMania will be a two night event and this interview will be a two-parter as well! Enjoy!

Olivia : So, this is WWE WrestleMania 2021 night one. First match we’re talking about is Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair in a singles match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Cliff, what do you think?

Cliff : I think Bianca Belair is going to win this match because she has to. I feel like her buildup since the rumble has been ruined because of how much Reginald has been involved in everything. It seemed unnecessary. So, what could have been an awesome blow off I feel like has been kind of watered down, but I feel like Bianca needs to win to save her character.

O : Yeah I definitely feel like the rivalry between these two (Sasha and Bianca) could be written a lot better than what it is right now. I think it could have been really good, but this is what we have. So I agree, Bianca kinda has to win this and it would be just a massive blow if she didn’t.
The next match is a singles match for the WWE Championship. Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre.

C : So, I think this is another match where the buildup has been kind of lackluster. I feel like them just taking the belt off Drew and hotfooting it onto the Miz, then the Miz dropping it real quick to Bobby was unnecessary. But they wanted Drew to get that WrestleMania moment since there’s going to be fans at Raymond James stadium. I feel like some of the fans’ support of Drew has dropped which is sad cause he’s great, but Bobby Lashley is doing awesome things as “The Almighty”. So I’m interested in this match. I’d honestly rather see Bobby hold on to the title just to see what heel Bobby keeps doing, but I am going to pick Drew as the victor in this match.

O : Alright, so we’re going for the back-to-back WrestleMania moments for Drew?

C : Yeah. Cause that’s what they want.

O : Okay. I feel like what I would want to see is Bobby Lashley keeping the title and seeing what happens, but yeah I would also like to see Drew win in front of fans since that’s what he missed out on last year so any outcome that would happen is good by me.
The next match is a tag team match, no title at stake or anything. It’s Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs. the Miz and John Morrison.

C : Bad Bunny and Damian Priest are winning because it’s a celebrity match. Apparently Bad Bunny’s been training a lot in the performance center. He had a pretty cool looking dive off the top rope. So, I imagine he’s going to pick up the win over Miz or Morrison. This is going to be a fast match where Damian Priest and Morrison are gonna do a lot of wrestling and then Bad Bunny is going to pick up the win.

O : Yeah, fast I hope because who knows how Bad Bunny is. Not really sure. I think some of us including myself are kinda skeptical of his abilities in the ring. I guess we can hope it’s fast and it’s kind of the throwaway celebrity match.
The next match is a tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship. That’s The New Day vs. AJ Styles and Omos. I haven’t quite seen Omos in the ring, have you?

C : He hasn’t had a match yet.

O : So, this will be his first live match?

C : Yes.

O : Interesting. I would like to see some crazy spots here. Maybe AJ jumping off of Omos?

C : Maybe.

O : Who do you think’s gonna win?

C : I think AJ and Omos are going to win. It’s Omos’ first televised match. AJ hasn’t had a belt in a while. The New Day are just perennial champion contenders, so it doesn’t hurt them to lose the belt and they can always pick the belts back up later and nobody ever complains. I think it’s going to be a great match with AJ doing most of the work for his team and Omos is gonna come in and be a very very very large human being to pick up the win.

O : Yeah. This might be a contender for most entertaining match but we’ll see.
The next match is a steel cage match with Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon.

C : You should introduce him correctly as the best wrestler ever, Shane McMahon.

O : Yes. Excuse me. Now, this is a match up that no one really wants to see. Or I guess I should say, no one is really excited about. So who do you think’s gonna win? What do you think will happen?

C : I think Braun should win but I think Shane’s going to win because the match is just basically turned into Shane McMahon calling Braun Strowman dumb and then dumping slime on him. So, Braun should win but Shane’s going to win because he’s nigh indestructible. So, I’m picking Shane even though he shouldn’t win.

O : True. That’s probably who they’re gonna have win. Of course, you want Braun to win. You just want him to have his moment, which he had a few moments, but they never lasted that long unfortunately.
The next match is a singles match between Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins. Now I’ve been hearing stuff about Cesaro, what does he do… swinging! I think Cesaro had said the word “swinging” like 80 times in one promo recently.

C : Probably. That sounds like a shitty promo that they would give somebody to do. I think Cesaro is going to win this match because he has to. Seth is this snivelly heel it turns Cesaro face and they’re kind of pushing him and Cesaro is probably one of the best wrestlers on their whole roster and does not get the love or an affection that he deserves from the company. He should be contending for championships but he’s not. This is potentially the best match for night one just from a work rate (POV). I’m really not a fan of Seth, but he is a very good wrestler and pust on great matches and Cesaro is also fantastic. They’re both in ridiculously amazing shape, so this could be the longest match of the night also.

O : Could be. Yeah.

C : I am really hoping Cesaro picks up the win.

O : That is my hope as well, but we all know how WWE loves Cesaro taking the piss all the time, so let’s see if history repeats itself.
Next match is the tag team turmoil match where the winners receive a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match on night two. And this is between Lana and Naomi vs. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. The Riott Squad vs. Natalya and Tamina.

C : First off, I’m gonna say they should just get rid of the Women’s Tag Team Championship on the main roster because they don’t care about it.

O : You mean the tag titles?

C : Yeah. The women’s tag team titles. They don’t care about them at all. They mean nothing and they’re pointless. I wish WWE cared about tag team wrestling in any way shape or form instead of just throwing random people together and being like, “Oh, they’re a great team”. And as for the match, I think It’s going to be Lana and Naomi that win because they seem to be giving Naomi and Lana some momentum. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose make no sense as a tag team other than they’re both blonde and lifters. They don’t seem to care about the Riott Squad at all, so they’re not gonna win. And WWE loves burying Natalya and Tamina when they get any type of momentum rolling at all, so as much as we’d all like to see the Tamina train head out of the station, it’s going to be Lana and Naomi that win.

O : Yeah. They seem like the clear winners to me as well with how they’ve been pushing them.

Part 2 of this interview will be coming up soon! Don’t miss it, as we talk about WrestleMania matches on night two.