WrestleMania 37 Night 2 Match Pick Interview with Cliff : Part 2

WrestleMania 37 Night 2 Match Pick Interview with Cliff : Part 2

By Olivia Clark

As promised, I’m back again interviewing Cliff and we discuss our picks for the announced matches on night 2 of WrestleMania 37. Will we think the weekend will end in a stunning conclusion? Find out and enjoy!

Olivia : This is the WrestleMania night 2 matches. First match we’ll talk about is the triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship. That’s Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan. Now, what do you think is going to happen?

Cliff : I think that Daniel Bryan is going to end up the champion at the end of the night. I don’t think that with the fans being not in the building, Edge’s return has been as great as it was we came back from Rumble last year and I feel like it would be a short title run for Daniel with Roman taking it back probably the next pay-per-view or whatever. But, Brian has said that he is planning on retiring soon or at least not being a full time worker anymore, and he deserves one more run with the belt. So, I am hopeful that they do the right thing and put the belt on Daniel one more time.

O : Sounds good. Yeah, Roman has had the belt for quite a while, but to me that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll drop it anytime soon.

C : I don’t think Roman’s held the belt for too long. I think this is the best Roman character we’ve had in probably forever.

O : Absolutely.

C : But, I would I want to see Daniel with the belt again. That’s why I’m picking Daniel.

O : Okay. I think Roman is just as likely to retain it, but we’ll see.
The next match is a singles match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship and that is Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley. Now, we haven’t seen Rhea Ripley for too long on upon her call up, so it seems like she needs this win. What do you think?

C : So on the last Raw, Rhea turned on Asuka, but I think this match is lose-lose because Asuka hasn’t had her WrestleMania moment. It got taken by Charlotte when Charlotte broke the streak, and Rhea did not get to have her WrestleMania moment because Charlotte beat her. Both of them need the win and I think either of them losing is very bad for them. So, WWE in what they normally do has booked themselves into a corner with a no-win situation, but I think they need to put the belt on Rhea. They can’t have her lose this one too. She has to win.

O : Yeah. I agree. I guess Asuka’s situation is more in the past and in that case I feel like Rhea Ripley needs the belt more.
Next match is a singles match between The Fiend vs. Randy Orton.

C : The Fiend is going to win.

O : Plain and simple! You heard it here first!

C : He got burned to death the last time they had a match, so he’s just going to win. That’s all I got.

O : I feel like maybe his loss to Alexa Bliss might lead to Randy’s win here, but we’ll see.
The next match is a Nigerian drum fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship with Big E vs. Apollo Crews. Now, do you think this is gonna be a cinematic match?

C : No. Not at all. A Nigerian drum fight match basically means it’s a hardcore match. They’re not gonna be in a pit somewhere in the desert fighting each other, but I think Big E’s picking up the win because I don’t think they’re ready to push him into the world title picture which is what they should be doing because he’s amazing. And well, this is the most interesting Apollo Crews has ever been. I still don’t think anybody cares about him, but the majority of people love Big E. So, put a rocket on his back and send him to the moon!

O : Yeah. I do love Big E as well. But, yeah Apollo seems to always be the the loser in the situation.
The next match is a singles match with Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn with Logan Paul. So, here’s another celebrity match that we may or may not care about. The only thing intriguing about it for me is it’s a Kevin Owens match. So, maybe he’s talented enough to make it work. What do you think?

C : Well, whenever Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are in a match, it’s amazing. They’ve been wrestling each other for 15 or 20 years. Their chemistry is ridiculously good and they always have amazing matches. I think how this is gonna go is, I think Kevin is going to win because Logan Paul is gonna cost Sami the win, further driving Sami into the conspiracy theory stuff. It’s gonna make for ‘conspiracy theory movie part 2 – how Kevin Owens screwed him’.

O : Yeah. That’s definitely in line with the story. That seems very likely to happen.
The next match is a singles match for the WWE United States Championship. Riddle vs. Sheamus. Who do you think is going to win?

C : I imagine they’re gonna keep the belt on Riddle because he’s the new champ. He finally seems to be sort of interesting with his forgetting his lines and stuff. I’m not personally a fan of his, but I don’t see the benefit of putting the belt on Sheamus, though I’m just gonna sort of see how it goes. This is one of the matches on this card that I have little interest in just because it’s a short build. It kind of came out of nowhere and I don’t really think it has much going for it. I’m going to pick Riddle.

O : Yeah. It definitely seems like it was thrown together last minute, so same here. Definitely don’t really care too much about it, but it seems like Riddle should retain here.
The last match that we’re talking about is tag team match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. That’s Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. the Tag Team Turmoil winners. So, let’s go back to your night one pick. And that was…

C : Lana and Naomi.

O : Alright. So now, who do you think will win this?

C : So, I think what should happen is, Shayna should just choke everyone out. While Nia Jax is on the ground asleep, she just covers Nia with Lana or Naomi’s lifeless body giving up the belts, breaking up this stupid tag team, and they start booking her right as a monster and she starts going after the Women’s Championship, which she should have. But, Vince doesn’t seem to like her or her style. Screw him. Let her be the tough MMA person and just steamroll the division and take on Bianca at Summer Slam or Survivor Series or at some point in the future. So, I guess I’m picking Lana and Naomi to win because Shayna is going to choke the three of them out at the same time somehow and then cost her own team to win.

O : Okay. I am all about a Shayna Baszler retconning here because I think ever since her call up, she’s been done pretty dirty compared to her NXT run.

C : Right. They made her look like a monster at Elimination Chamber in 2020 and then it was all downhill from there. Arguably, it was downhill starting with that match. But, we need to fix her and get her away from Nia Jax who, for me, is in the same area of awful as Charlotte and should just not be on TV because they just make everything worse.

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