Capes & Scowls West Episode #35 – Satan!


Hello world and everyone listening! Your favorite podcast of everything nerdy/geeky is back after a bit of a hiatus (due to technical difficulties). Fear not! We’re still here and still pumping out the best content and conversations of any podcast ever (we assume). This week, weve cover a topic we never thought we would – Satan!

ell, not about Satan, per-se, but about some controversy surrounding the guy. Apparently the Satanic Temple had a bit of beef with the use of their statue of Satan in Netflix’s “Chilling adventures of Sabrina.” And as you can guess, Nat, Kat and Pat have a lot to say about that!

Not necessarily in nerd news, but definatley in podcast news – The origonal War of the Worlds broadcast just turned 80 years old. As a podcast ourselves, we’ve got to give shouts out to the OG podcast and pour one out for HG Wells. There’s a reason his middle name is “G” because he’s a G.